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Supercharger Kit Design


The design of our FTO Supercharger kits came from a need to be able to supply an installation kit that can be fitted in a short space of time without the installer having to have special skills in fabrication.  It needed to work first time without time-consuming re-work and keep costs under control, key factors:

  • Easy to install

  • Low cost to manufacture - simple design 

  • Durable and high quality

  • High performance - maximise the potential of the Eaton M45 while remaining low boost


FTO Supercharger 3D Eaton M45
GPX engine bay

This is before fitting a Supercharger. 

Mounting an Eaton M45 Supercharger in the engine bay of a Mitsubishi FTO V6 presented challenges as space is tight but nonetheless it does fit and looks like it belongs there as you will see later.

Although many hours were spent during the design of our FTO Supercharger kits using traditional hands on methods we also used 3D scanning and modelling tools to aid the design and planning process. Here is an FTO Mivec engine before the fitment of a Supercharger, you can clearly see the size of the intake plenum going from the middle of the V and right over the rear bank where we want to mount the supercharger.

The solution - make a shorter plenum.  While this has done before it has always felt like a comprimise to allow the supercharger a place to sit so we decided to turn this situation around and add benefit by creating an integrated charge-cooler plenum.


  • No lag - as there are no long pipe runs like in a FMIC setup (which could also be soaking up heat on the way back to a traditional plenum).

  • Low boost drop - air/liquid cores typically suffer less boost drop and our decision to opt for a true air/liquid core from Bell Intercoolers has been a key factor.

  • No idle drop/stall - this is typical in supercharger intallations where the supercharger is after the throttle body as all of the pipework and IC now act like a huge plenum and can cause stalling when coming off throttle at low rpm's if you don't blip the throttle in time. We have overcome this issue with the smaller packaged integrated plenum-charge-cooler solution.

Mitsubishi FTO Mivec engine 3D



FTO Supercharged bracket


We have employed a two piece design allowing the supercharger to be mounted to the rear of the engine over the rear bank with a degree of lateral adjustment to get the pulleys perfectly aligned.

FTO Supercharger bracket part 1
FTO Supercharger bracket part 2
FTO Supercharger bracket part 2

Supercharger inlet adapter


Adapter to couple the oval opening of the supercharger to the FTO throttle body leaving the throttle body and intake system in from factory location (within a few mm).  3D printed from tough Nylon using the SLS process by commercial 3D printing specialists Xometry

Pulley bracket incorporating support between Supercharger, bracket and engine

Laser cut Aluminium pulley bracket with Nylon support between Supercharger, bracket and engine.

FTO Supercharger pulley bracket

The designs have been through many iterations and are subject to change

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