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Parts required to Supercharge a Mitsubishi FTO

The FTO Supercharger kits are installation kits only not full Supercharger kits i.e they do not include the Supercharger and a few other parts that you would easily be able to source.  This helps keep costs low and allows you flexibility (for instance choosing your preferred engine management unit or being able to source second hand units).


We have invested the time and resources into the design and manufacture of the brackets and other essential parts to ensure that the Supercharger can be easily mounted to your Mitsubishi FTO V6 in a short space of time - first time.


Included in our installation kits

Main mounting brackets

This is a two part bracket and is the key to securely mounting the supercharger and getting the pulley alignment right which is critical. Our design allows the Supercharger to be mounted over the rear bank and enables lateral adjustment to get the pulleys perfectly aligned.


Pulley bracket

Compact bracket incorporating idler and tensioner pulleys


Double drive pulley

This replaces the stock alternator pulley - the inner is driven by the crank pulley, the outer drives the supercharger


Supercharger intake

Our goal was to keep with the overall project design goal of a bolt-on solution with no fabrication for you, we designed and manufactured our own intake between the Supercharger and FTO throttle body that allows you to just put it together.  It also means that if your supercharger fails you can just swap the unit out. 

Supercharger outlet

CAD designed and 3D printed in Nylon using Laser Sintering.

The efficient design funnels the boosted air out of the Supercharger to the charge cooler.

Intake plenum - Charge Cooler core

The FTO supercharger sits in the space normally occupied by the stock intake plenum therefore a shorter design is required.  The design has fittings for a bypass valve (required for closed/low throttle) and IAT sensor.

  • Plenum with integrated charge cooler - no need for a front mount intercooler and pipe work; effective cooling, no lag and low pressure drop. We can also supply the heat exchanger, pump and additional fittings. 

KIT PRICE - get in touch for latest pricing

Individual parts can be purchased separately - prices start from $90 AUD


Summary of parts


Intake plenum charge cooler

Additional parts required to complete the installation

Supercharger - Eaton M45 from a Mini Cooper S

You may be able to source a new or low mileage unit on ebay or similar sites.

If you can only find one that has done a quite a few miles think about replacing the plastic coupler (kits available on ebay and it's an easy job). You could also get the needle bearings replaced (again kits available) and I would always replace the oil in the nose end of the supercharger.  The water pump drive is not required and will actually need to be removed before fitting - it's a real easy job to do. 


Fuel injectors - CDH240 or CDH275

The stock fuel injectors on the Mitsubishi FTO V6 are 166cc and don't flow enough for the increased amount of air that your Supercharger will be providing. These should be upgraded to at least 240cc, either CDH240 or CDH275 will be sufficient and you will need 6.


Engine Management Unit

Lots of options here including Haltech, Emanage Blue and Ultimate, Vipec to name but a few. Haltechs are a great piece of kit but If you're on a budget go for an eManage Blue unit - although this has basic functionality it works quite well and is very good value for money. In my opinion it's adequate for this setup if you want to keep costs down but the decision is yours.


eManage Blue info

If you do decide to opt for an eManage blue you will also require:

  3 bar map sensor for the emanage blue


  a) Separate emanage harnesses

  (with this option you will need to cut into the factory Mitsubishi FTO harness)

  - Main harness

  - Injector harness

  - Ignition harness 

  b) Boomslang plug and play complete harness (no cutting, just plug it it)

  This contains all of the above pre-wired into a daisy-chain type harness, just unplug the connectors from the FTO ECU and plug them into the Boomslang, then plug one end of the Boomslang into the FTO ECU and the other into the emanage.


Optional Laptop cable and software - available from Gifftech


Spark plugs - replace with a colder plug (IK24)

Not really required for low boost (4-5 psi) but you should really replace with a colder plug above this. For example a Denso IK22 is the standard plug temperature and an IK24 is a one step colder plug, this is precautionary to help prevent detonation, a good safe tune and cooling of the charged air will also help.


Supercharger reduction pulley

The stock pulley on the supercharger is too large and only very low boost will be achieved with this pulley (around 3 psi)

Various sized reduction pulleys are on the market from Alta Performance and Kavs to name a few.  I have used both and found them to be very similar and effective.

How much boost can I run on a Mitsubishi FTO with a Supercharger? This depends on a lot of factors and we cannot guarantee the actual boost that you will get but as an example a 17% reduction pulley should achieve around 6psi, and a 20% pulley should see around 7-9psi, we've hit a peak of 9psi during testing.

The combination of FTO supercharger kit and the characteristics of the Eaton supercharger means that the boost comes in very early in the rpm range - almost instantly in fact and increases by 1-2 psi at it's peak so it's quite a gentle delivery of boost instead of a big slam of boost from a turbo after spool up. 

A pulley removal tool will be required to remove the stock pulley - you may be able to loan one from a mini club/owner or pulley provider.


Adding a supercharger to your vehicle comes with risks that need to be taken into consideration by the owner, FTO Supercharged cannot be held responsible for damage to your vehicle. We are providing kits to mount your supercharger and any advice given is general advice, it is up to the owner to consider all of the information before going ahead with the installation.


6 ribbed poly v belt

I have had varying results with different manufacturers, I can honestly say that i've found that Gates and Dayco belts provide superior grip to some makes but I haven't tried all manufacturers belts.


Charge Cooler additional items

For the Charge Cooler setup you will also require a small heat exchanger (mini radiator), a pump, remote filler cap or header and a fan is recommended, you will also need some radiator hose which you will be able to source from most auto part suppliers.  You can purchase these items from a number of sources - we're happy to supply the parts or just help with advice where we can.

The charge coolers come with AN10 male fittings on each left and right water end tank.

Stiffer engine mounts - Madpoly

Due to the increase in torque I would recommend upgrading the lower engine cradle mounts with Poly ones, a company called MadPoly make these and I have them fitted to my car. If you have ABS then these will definitely be required as there is less clearance between the supercharger and the larger brake booster.  

Engine Management Unit
Fuel Injectors CDH275
Spark plugs IK24
Supercharger reduction pulley
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