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Simulation of potential FTO performance over the 1/4 mile

Mitsubishi FTO Supercharger quarter mile shakespeare county raceway

Tiptronics have more transmission losses but also can only launch at low RPM (2000) due to the low stall speed of the Torque converter therefore a penalty is also applied to the ET.

How does this compare to the real world?

A selection of 1/4 mile times achieved in the humble Mitsubishi FTO

Richard Batty

FTO EVO powered single Turbo, Manual, weight reduction, drag tyres


Rob Furniss

FTO GPX Supercharged, Tiptronic, stock weight, stock tyres


Mark Emmery

FTO GPX single Turbo, Tiptronic, stock weight, stock tyres


Don Griffiths

FTO GPX Manual, Naturally Aspirated, small weight reduction, semi drag tyres


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