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Milestone - the First FTO Supercharger kit has been fitted and a period of on-vehicle testing is underway

September 2016


Apologies for the delays for anyone who's taken a keen interest in these kits, they have been in development for a long but i'm very pleased to announce that the first kit has now been fitted to one of our vehicles and a period of on-vehicle testing and refinement is now underway.


You won't have to wait much longer for pricing and availability, thank you for your patience.


Epicentre TV to host Thunder drag series

November 2015


All 10 events of the Australian Professioinal Drag Racing Series - the 400 Thunder, will be available for streaming through Epicentre.

The opening round - East Coast Nationals, will be live from 3pm AEDT Saturday and 12:30pm AEDT on Sunday at 



FTO's in motorsport - New European FWD record

May 2014


After previously taking the UK FWD drag car record, on the 8th June 2014 Richard Batty set a new European FWD record at Shakespeare county raceway in his NR Autosport EVO powered Mitsubishi FTO running an 8.859 at 174mph.

The engine is a 2.37ltr EVO engine putting out 1051bhp but this isn't the only factor that's got him across the line, he's been working equally as hard on the chassis setup which is critical at this level and it's paid off.


Update 08-09-2014: Well things don't stand still in this sport and there's now a new record holder - Mario Thau from Germany in his VW Golf who ran an 8.711 at Hockenhiem in August. Richard will have to settle for the number 2 spot for now as he's retired the car for this season, expect him to come out even stronger next year.  Guy Chamberlain in his Honda Civic isn't far behind either, he ran an 8.949 at Santa Pod earlier this year.

FTO Supercharger kit in development

April 2014


The design of a kit to enable the Mitsubishi FTO V6 to be easily supercharged is underway.

It is being modelled on a previous installation on Rob Furniss FTO using an Eaton Supercharger from the Mini Cooper S but with a complete redesign of the brackets, supercharger intake and addition of an integrated charge-cooler plenum to utilise increased boost and overcome idle drop/stall commonly associated with supercharger installations between the throttle body and manifold.

The FTO Supercharger kits should be available late 2014 so check back regularly for updates or use the contact form to request more information.


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